Remote Learning at WAB 2020-21

As COVID-19 continues to impact the globe and our school, our educational leadership team would like to share with you how WAB is preparing for learning in the coming school year.

Whole School Updates

  • WAB's program will continue being agile.
  • Online and on-campus learning will still be necessary, and we are preparing for that.
  • The first group of teachers has received their PU invitation letters and the second group is expected to be approved in the very near future.
  • We will continue to work closely with families to ensure an enjoyable and positive learning experience for all.

Dr. Marta Medved Krajnovic

Head of School

Stephen Taylor

Director of Innovation in Learning and Teaching

Teaching and Learning

  • Taking a hybrid approach to learning, we aim to ensure interactive, engaging and high-quality learning for all of our students.
  • Beijing-based students will have in-person, interactive learning on campus.
  • Off-campus students will follow online learning – with as much high-quality offline learning as possible.
  • All learners will have quality through choice, interaction, feedback and community connection.
  • WAB faculty will develop professionally through training in our tools as well as in the collaborative design of engaging, joyful and flexible curriculum experiences during the August planning period.

Elementary School

  • Elementary School students and teachers are spread evenly across the globe.
  • Teaching teams will plan globally but deliver locally, which means:
    • Beijing-based students will be taught on campus face-to-face by Beijing-based teachers.
    • Students around the world will be taught online by WAB teachers based in those regions.
  • At the beginning of the year the level of all students will be assessed and the program tailored to suit each child’s learning needs.
  • IT platforms will be streamlined with a focus on ease of finding information, uploading work and receiving feedback.
  • For students online, we are taking the best practices learned into this next phase: pre-recorded mini lessons, small group tutorials, and more face-to-face opportunities with teachers.

Angela Steinmann

Elementary School Principal

Marina Frias

Middle School Principal

Middle School

  • Students who are in Beijing will be taught by teachers in Beijing and have a regular WAB learning experience.
  • Students who are abroad will be supported by teachers who are abroad, and as often as possible within their time zones. This will allow teachers more opportunities for explicit teaching and feedback.
  • Teachers will pre-assess students before the start of units to understand where students are and better support their learning.
  • Our systems will be simplified and schedules will be more predictable for students.
  • We will move to a single IT platform through which students access their learning.
  • Teachers will provide greater clarity on: learning objectives, the pathways to reach those objectives, and what is evidence of having achieved those goals.
  • We are working to increase offline meaningful learning experiences for ALL students to reduce screen time.


High School

  • The beginning of the year will have a hybrid of traditional and online classes.
  • Extra subject area experts have been engaged to support students.
  • Approximately 95% of our students requested to stay with their current mentor, regardless of whether they or their mentor are currently in Beijing. We will follow this request.
  • Pre-assessment will be used to understand where students are to set appropriate goals to bring them to where they need to be.
Grades 9 and 10 in Beijing
  • We are working to adjust schedules wherever we can to allow students to take advantage of teachers who are in Beijing and so that as much of their schedule as possible runs in a traditional way.
  • If their teacher is not in Beijing, they'll continue with an online program with their teacher with the support of a Beijing-based subject-area expert face-to-face.
Grades 9 and 10 Off-campus
  • Will follow the online program along with support from their mentor and their teachers.
  • Where possible, will be matched with a teacher in the same region to facilitate more face-to-face meetings and requests for assistance.
Grades 11 and 12
  • Students will stay with their 2-year DP teachers as much as possible.
  • Those in Beijing will also follow the normal schedule if their teachers are in Beijing, and, when not, they will follow a program set and assessed by their teacher. The student will also be supported by a subject-area expert in Beijing.
  • Those who have not yet been able to return to Beijing will follow the online program with support from their mentor and their teachers.
  • We will shift to a single IT platform for students to have one place for all classes where they can go to find all of the learning activities and information.

Melanie Vrba

High School Principal