Psychological Services

WAB's Educational Psychologist provides guidance for those who may require it about services that are available, screening, and assessment options.


WAB’s Educational Psychologist is available to meet and advise and families, students, and staff.​ 

The WAB Educational Psychologist’s expertise includes: 

  • Psychoeducational Assessment​ - both administering internal assessments and facilitating external assessments. This also includes working with families, students, and staff to understand assessment results to develop student support plans.  
  • Crisis Management and Support​ – delivering developmentally and culturally responsive mental health services as needed.  
  • Individual and Group Psychotherapy​ - Provide direct and responsive psychotherapy to students, teachers, and/or families in crisis​ 
  • Consultation and Collaboration​ - Work with teachers on evidence-based strategies to aid student academic success, including instructional accommodations, curriculum modifications, and evidence-based intervention. The WAB Educational Psychologist also offers parenting seminars and workshops to strengthen home-school partnership. 
  • External Therapy Service Coordination​ - Coordinate the scheduling for screening and delivery of weekly therapy services on WAB campus​.

Educational Psychologist at WAB

Dr. Christin Topper

Dr. Christin Topper

Titles: WS Head of Student Support Services / WS Psychologist