Middle School

“Anyone who works in a Middle School does so because they love to witness all the ways in which Middle School students make sense of their world. Our Middle School is in the unique position of being just that - 'in the middle' - and this guides all that we do. We offer a strong curriculum with opportunities to participate in a broad range of activities. We are proud of our students' success within school and beyond.”

Marina Frias-Gavidia
Marina Frias, Principal

Learning, Organizing and Understanding Learning


The Western Academy of Beijing recognizes that early adolescence is a critical stage filled with individual and collective potential. We are committed to caring for students, listening to their voices, respecting their concerns, and engaging them in meaningful and innovative educational experiences.

Our international Middle School will prepare them for promising futures by connecting, inspiring and challenging one another to make a difference today.

326 Students

37 Nationalities / 26 Languages

  • 37% USA, UK, Canada,
    Australia & NZ
  • 42% Asia
  • 18% Europe
    Excluding UK
  • 3% Other

As Beijing's leading international Middle School, our curriculum is designed to meet the developmental needs of young adolescents and to bridge the transition from Elementary School to High School. This is done in a variety of ways, including the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP), Personal & Social Education (PSE), and WABX activities, as well as workshops for parents.

WAB is the leader in Beijing IB Middle Years teaching.

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP)

WAB's international Middle School curriculum delivers years 1-3 of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) and lays the groundwork for student success in the final two years of the program once they transition to High School. In Grades 6-8, students develop an understanding of their own approaches to learning, independence in the subject-specific objectives and assessment practices, and an appreciation of service and action. These experiences deepen their understanding of the concepts embedded in the middle school program and what it means to be an internationally minded member of our global community.

Guided by our definition of learning and the IB Middle Years Programme, our Middle School curriculum exposes students to a broad and balanced range of subjects taught by specialist teachers. You can browse our curriculum pages and find out more about these subjects.

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Technology and Digital Learning


The Western Academy of Beijing is an Apple Distinguished School and runs successful programs throughout the Middle School. Students connect with their learning and fellow classmates through school-supported platforms, such as Moodle, WAB blogs, TigerTube and their school email. Teachers support Middle School students in developing their digital literacy and citizenship skills to become independent, ethical users of information and to contribute positively to the virtual community as creators and not just consumers. The school provides access to tools to support a variety of learning styles, such as books on Kindles and iPods, and video equipment to develop their multimedia communication skills.


China Studies

As part of our commitment to use our host country as a platform for learning, students in WAB's international Middle School take unique trips to different parts of China to engage with the geography, history, culture and people in meaningful ways. Most recently, students visited the terracotta warriors in Xi’an, a Shaolin temple in Kaifen, the Ming Tombs and Henan province.


WAB Wild

WAB Wild, our dedicated outdoor education department, provides an amazing opportunity for the students to experience the outdoors in China. The team structures programs unique to each grade level, gradually increasing in difficulty and steadily building independence. The goal is to meaningfully engage students, and to foster a love of nature and respect for our interconnectedness. Students have an opportunity to learn to navigate, abseil, rock climb, kayak and perform rescues at WAB’s outdoor facilities.


The Middle School has numerous teacher and student-driven activities to allow all passions and interests to flourish.

WABX offers more than 300 clubs, language and service opportunities, athletic options, trips, tournaments, arts festivals and special events.

Spaces for International Middle School Learning

Our Middle School facilities include a well-resourced library with comfortable reading areas and work spaces, a dedicated MS gymnasium, an outdoor field, domed tennis courts, product and digital design workshops, theater spaces, music studios, science labs, an art room and many multipurpose areas throughout the buildings.