Elementary School

“Our Elementary School is a fun, creative and inclusive place for young people to learn about and explore the world around them. Indoor and outdoor areas were designed to enhance the learning experience by challenging students to engage and take risks through study and play. Technology, China Studies programs, extracurricular and community involvement support our students' achievements both inside and outside the classroom.”

Casey Cosgray
Catherine Pierre-Louis, Principal

Learning to Learn

In the context of WAB's International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), students learn through meaningful and connected tasks using an inquiry-based, concept-driven transdisciplinary approach. Students apply their knowledge to think, reflect, analyze, problem solve and evaluate.

Learning takes place in relevant contexts, and expectations are discussed to engage and guide students in and out of the classroom.

572 Students

42 Nationalities / 32 Languages

  • 46% USA, UK, Canada,
    Australia & NZ
  • 39% Asia
  • 14% Europe
    Excluding UK
  • 1% Other

WAB’s international Elementary School program seeks to develop the intellectual, social and emotional, physical and aesthetic potential of each child along with moral sensitivity. Our philosophy is to help students reach their full potential as individuals in the global community. Learning is considered from a strength-based perspective and learning diversity is valued as a rich resource for building inclusive communities.


WAB is the leader in Beijing IB PYP primary years curriculum.

International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP)

As a leading international school in Beijing, WAB teaches Elementary School students within the IB PYP framework — where we demonstrate our commitment to structured inquiry as the main vehicle for learning through relevant, real-world contexts. As such, students have countless opportunities to grow through their discoveries and experiences. Working as a team, we are confident that students educated in our international elementary school setting will gain the knowledge, skills and understanding to contribute positively to their future communities.

Guided by our definition of learning and the IB Primary Years Programme Framework, our Elementary Curriculum is structured around a holistic, inquiry-based approach to learning. You can browse our curriculum pages and find out more about our Units of Enquiry and how students learn different disciplines.

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How we Learn in the WAB Elementary School

Inspiring Learning


STEM@WAB: Coding and Design in Elementary School
  • Elementary School

STEM in Elementary School helps students develop basic skills that apply to many parts of life, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, spatial reasoning, communication, collaboration and more.

Athletic & Activities

Internationally Diverse & China-Engaged


WAB’s international Elementary School celebrates the diversity of its students, staff and faculty. Creating an inclusive learning environment allows learners to understand and think objectively about differing cultural values and beliefs. The Elementary School provides several options for students to develop native and second languages, both during and outside of school hours. The students’ experience is enriched through the China Studies program, which offers the opportunity to investigate and participate in traditional Chinese customs and activities in classes and on field trips.


Technology & Digital Learning

WAB is an Apple Distinguished School and runs successful programs throughout the Elementary School, including:

  • 1:1 iPad program for Junior Grade 1 (Kindergarten) to Grade 5
  • Shared iPads in Early Years

Designated faculty members are committed to teaching not just how to use technology, but how to integrate technology to contribute to academic learning and help student work impact global societies.

After-School Activities


The WABX: Athletics & Activities Department offers a vast range of activities and clubs to promote an active lifestyle and dynamic experience for students. Athletics, visual and performing arts, academic and service programs are offered during lunchtimes and after school, and students have the freedom to choose or even create the groups in which they participate.

All ASAs at the Western Academy of Beijing are included as part of the tuition, so children have absolute freedom to explore music, robotics, language, sports and more.

Campus Buildings Designed for Young Learners

The Elementary School campus was designed to be flexible and dynamic, to support and adapt to unique and creative learning styles. Students engage in all types of learning in designated facilities including theaters, music studios, gymnasiums, a swimming pool, rock climbing wall, science and technology laboratories, film studios and more – all housed inside the Elementary building. WAB’s Tiger Field and Tiger L’Air air-supported sports dome offer space and resources for children to play and learn together while having fun.