Admissions Guidelines

Western Academy of Beijing offers learning opportunities to eligible families who identify with our school’s spirit. As an inclusive co-educational school WAB’s diverse student population represents a range of nationalities, languages, economic and cultural background and abilities.
WAB’s mission of  connect, inspire, challenge and make a difference is the cornerstone by which we interact as a community.

Admissions Criteria & ELIGIBLE CATAGORIES

WAB is registered as a School for Children of Foreign Nationals in Beijing, and therefore is unable to consider admissions of Chinese nationals that are permanently residing in mainland China in accordance to current authorities’ rules and regulations. As an inclusive school, WAB determines admissibility through a range of means which are shared fully with prospective families.  To be considered for enrollment to WAB, families must be able to document that they fulfill the requirements stated in ONE of the following categories, and Beijing Municipal Education Commission (BMEC) approval may be required.

In order to provide the best learning experience for our diverse student body, admissions priority is given based on WAB Fit.



Eligible Category 1

Foreign passport-holding families with at least one parent holding a Chinese-issued working/diplomatic residence permit and student holding a corresponding dependency Chinese residence permit.


Eligible Category 2

A) China – Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan permanent residency families with at least one parent and the student holding travel permit(s) to Mainland China.

B) Foreign passport-holding families with at least one parent holding a valid Chinese-issued working/diplomatic residence permit or Foreigner’s Permanent Residence card of the PRC, AND the student holds a Chinese reunion residence permit.



Eligible Category 3

Chinese passport-holding families where both parents and the student hold a valid foreign permanent residency permit and proof of living abroad for more than one year with relevant residence and learning certificates.

Within eligible categories, special consideration may be given to:

  • Applicants of faculty members
  • Applicants who have enrolled siblings
  • Returning students
  • Applicants from alumni families
  • Applicants with a high level of English proficiency

WAB reserves the right of final interpretation of the above provisions. A Chinese translation is provided in PDF format.