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How it all started

We asked our community: What will the future of learning look like at WAB? We realized there was a disconnect between our goals and the way we approached education, and decided it was time to re-align our written and taught curriculums.

The conventional model of education no longer serves the changing needs of learners.

To prepare our students for success in a rapidly evolving and uncertain future, we need to be constantly innovating and updating the way that we teach and learn in schools. 

Out of this need, The Future of Learning at WAB was born.

Based on the latest research about how we learn, FLoW21 is the name WAB has given to our commitment to offering the best possible educational experience to every learner. FLoW21 is a journey of constant invention and re-invention of our teaching and learning at WAB. It is empowering our students to take ownership over their learning. It is equipping our expert teachers with the resources, environments, and connections to continuously develop. It is inviting our parents to be integral members of the learning community. Our children's success in the future will depend on skills and knowledge which conventional methods of education no longer provide. The future of learning is at WAB.