WAB Students Win International Painting Competition about Biodiversity

Due to scheduling conflicts, not all competition participants could make it for this photo. We’re very proud of each student, pictured and not pictured!

Congratulations to the 20 WAB students who have won awards at the “Colorful World – International Youth Painting Invitational Exhibition 2022”.

The competition was organized by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Center for Environmental Education and Communications of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment with the theme “Protect biodiversity and build a shared future for all life on Earth”. All in all, 43,000 pieces of art were submitted by children aged 4-18 from around the world and 300 were chosen as prize winners. 20 WAB students spanning JG1 all the way to High School took part. Two WAB students won first prizes, two students won second prizes and all 20 WAB students won a “Prize for Excellence”.

The aim of this year’s competition is to encourage children to think about the impact of humans on Earth and how we can build a clean world that protects the planet’s biodiversity. It also encourages students to engage with the Sustainable Development Goals, which are an important focus at WAB as a newly-pledged UN Global School.

Grade 5 student Mia was one of the first prize winners with her painting titled “We Breathe Together”. Her painting depicted a human arm, an elephant trunk, a tiger paw, a parrot wing and a branch coming together to represent how all life on Earth is equal.

“I believe if all humans put more effort into protecting our animal friends, we can make the Earth a better place. Everyone makes mistakes but it’s not too late to change. Let’s treat all species with love, care and respect,” Mia said.

Grade 5 student Brendan won second prize with his piece “All Things Are United”.

“My painting depicts a human lifting up his shirt and his belly is full of coral and marine animals. The theme is about biodiversity. Biodiversity means diversity of life in the world but we’re losing our diversity and one endangered animal is the Siberian tiger. There are only 400 Siberian tigers in the wild and only eight in China…We must conserve them,” he urged.

Grade 5 student Adam who won First Prize with his painting “The World is Not Perfect” was inspired by a Unit of Inquiry at school:

“We have one Earth only and we need to protect it. That is my colorful painting, to show how we need to protect animals, plants and to get better in (protecting) biodiversity.”

WAB’s China Studies department, which recently helped set up a tropical rainforest exhibition in the Elementary School, introduced the competition to WAB students and played a key role in overseeing students’ entries. China Studies Teacher Anita Rong, helped with all the submissions and co-ordinations for WAB.

“We are really impressed seeing the students’ artistic expression from their perspective. The sense of importance that these children place on biodiversity and environmental sustainability really shines through in the art works,” said Wenjing Wang, China Studies Director.

The artworks are currently on display in the Elementary School (next to the library) for all our students to enjoy and we look forward to many more opportunities for our learners to engage with the Sustainable Development Goals.

The following four students won first, second and third prizes with their art works.


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