The WAB Podcast: Year End Wrap-up & What's Next

The 2020-2021 school year presented new opportunities for students, parents, and staff to learn and grow.

In this school year's final episode of The WAB Podcast, Head of School Dr. Marta Medved Krajnovic and Director of Innovation for Learning and Teaching Stephen Taylor discuss found learning, adapting the school experience, highlights from a challenging school year, the lessons we will take with us going forward, and WAB's strategic direction, among many other topics.

"Our community is embracing new kinds of thinking," Marta said. "I would like to congratulate our students, our parents, and, of course, our teachers and staff for being so resilient and continuously thinking about how we can work together to enhance student learning and learning from social interactions."

"There are a lot of schools looking to WAB about the reopening process and the next steps. They are looking to WAB as a positive example of something that could happen," Stephen said. "I think next year’s going to be a very good year for our community and for our professional learning. I believe that as a community we should be able to continue to learn a lot together."

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