Highlights from the MYP Personal Project Showcase

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Grade 10 students put their learning and passions on display to the community at the Middle Years Programme Personal Project Showcase.

The Personal Project is the culminating experience for students in the IB Middle Years Programme. It's an opportunity to dive into their interests within the academic context and learn how to apply their skills and knowledge in the world outside of school.

Students spend months developing their research, communication, and time management skills by investigating a subject of their choice and creating a project to share at the exhibition.

"Being able to use my own experience to learn helped keep me motivated," Loic, a Grade 10 student who built his own video game, said. "The Personal Project gave me something where the mundane work or the boring things started being fun, because I was talking about experiences I had. Having a project that you could share with others was cool: a game that I made with my own ideas that has a special element."

Students Debo and Acelynn teamed up to host a combination art exhibition and dance concert for charity. Along with Loic, the three students joined The WAB Podcast to talk more about their experience completing the project and how it connects to their future aspirations for university and beyond.

"With the Personal Project, you get to lead your own way, you get to create your own path. That gave me an inspiration and a drive to finish the project," Debo said.

"I wanted to continue to help people around the world and support charity organizations, so I thought about how I could incorporate something that I love," Acelynn agreed.

Hear the full interview with Loic, Debo, and Acelynn here, on Episode 25 of The WAB Podcast.

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