How a Student Club Produces Supplies from Plastic Waste

A group of WAB High School students are finding new ways to reduce and repurpose plastic waste on campus.

Precious Plastics is a new student group at WAB, joining a worldwide movement to upcycle plastic waste into new, usable products while also campaigning for the reduction of single-use plastics.

On today’s episode of The WAB Podcast, students Claire and Patrick discuss their inspiration for taking part in Precious Plastics, the products they plan to release to the school community, as well as the role they see themselves playing in the future of our school’s sustainability. We’re also joined by the two faculty advisors who discuss how they support the initiative through acquiring and using high-tech equipment, school-wide collection efforts, and guiding lifestyle and product marketing campaigns.

Tune in to the episode using the player above. You can find this podcast and more stories about innovative and impactful learning at WAB by searching for The WAB Podcast on your preferred platform or by visiting our podcast page.

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