Grade 5 Students Unpack the PYPX on The WAB Podcast

Climate change. Racism. Sustainable development. Access to clean water. 

These are just some of the topics WAB's Grade 5 students chose for the Primary Years Programme Exhibition. Also known as the PYPX, the months-long endeavor is a self-directed, research-based project in which students take action to be part of the solution to local and global issues.

On this week's episode of The WAB Podcast, two Grade 5 students break down their PYPX experience, discussing why they chose their topics and the biggest lessons they learned throughout the project. You can view a full slideshow from the event by clicking here.

Grade 5 student Liam L. worked with his group to investigate solutions to develop more sustainable cities, finding more environmentally friendly systems for transportation, land use, and growing populations that will reduce carbon emissions. The group is presenting a stop motion video in several languages. Beyond the learning about the topic he chose, he said he also learned a lot of lessons through the process that would serve him in the future.

“Time management skills are super, duper important," Liam said. "In the PYPX, we have so much agency and so much things that we need to do to get the job done to help educate people about our topic.”

After choosing their topics, students work in groups to investigate the issue and possible solutions, prepare their research for a presentation, and develop art work using the medium of their choice to spread awareness and demonstrate their learning. This week, students presented their work to WAB students of all ages and to their parents.

“The PYP Exhibition is the culminating part of the Elementary School years and the Primary Years Programme," Grade 5 Teacher Leanne Erickson said. “We help to resource all of this and support their learning, but they’re the ones driving their learning through their interest."

Find out more about learning experiences in our Elementary School by visiting WAB's Learn page.


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