Grade 10 Student’s Project on Food Waste to be Featured in GOA’s Catalyst Exhibition Showcase

Congratulations to Grade 10 student Jeremy for being included in the Global Online Academy’s (GOA) Catalyst Exhibition Showcase with his Semester 1 capstone project on sustainable food waste solutions. Jeremy’s project, which he submitted as part of his Global Online Academy course on Climate Change and Global Inequality, was only one of 19 student projects out of over 590 to be selected as exemplary and published in the 2022-2023 Public Showcase.

GOA is a world-leading and innovative online learning provider, offering students short courses, semester and summer courses. Their Catalyst Exhibition Showcase is a celebration of student agency that challenges students to draft a driving question, conduct research and propose a solution.

Jeremy’s project focused on the question “How can sustainable food waste solutions be implemented in communities and households?”. Over the course of one month, Jeremy experimented with composting in his household and interviewed scientific experts from around the globe.

“I have always been deeply concerned about climate change, and like many others, have felt an ever-growing sense of hopelessness. I wanted to learn about how we can transform our food systems to more pluralistic and ecologically sensitive alternatives, using authentic solutions to a problem that can be practically solved on a local level. As world leaders repeatedly fail to confront humanity’s most urgent and grave crisis, I hope that young people realize they have real power to make an impact and drive meaningful change in their community,” Jeremy said.

WAB has had a partnership with GOA since 2020, when we used their support and principles for learning to adapt to remote and hybrid teaching and learning. Jeremy’s project was part of a pilot program to pair the semester course from GOA as the source of content with his Nature of Science class in Grade 10 at WAB.

Writing to Jeremy to announce his inclusion in the Public Showcase, Douglas Beam, Associate Director of Member School Engagement at the Global Online Academy said: “Your presentation opened with an engaging beautiful question, and your response was carefully researched, detailed, and compelling. As I watched your video and explored your slidedeck I was particularly impressed with the way you identified a problem locally, right in your own house, and then investigated solutions that could have much wider implications.”

Jeremy’s Climate Change and Global Inequality teacher at GOA, Ms. Cantu added: “After looking at Jeremy's project and presentation, it is clear how passionate he was about the topic he chose as it directly impacts him and his family in a positive way. After a thorough research on food waste and compositing, Jeremy decided to make a change and begin composting at home. Wonderful! This is how change begins, congrats Jeremy!” 

Although the GOA project has concluded, Jeremy is far from done:

“The GOA course and Catalyst Exhibition are finished, but I am continuing to learn more about composting for my Grade 10 MYP Personal Project. I hope that my project can inspire others to close the food waste gap and solve an issue that is in fact quite simple to solve. I am also excited for WAB’s work with Metanoia, and am looking forward to contributing, both through this project and as part of my role as a Student Representative on the Steering Committee for sustainability work.”

Both the team at Global Online Academy and WAB are excited to see how his passion evolves and inspires change.

Congratulations, Jeremy!

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