You Ask, We Answer: Will FLoW21 Implementation Begin in ES, MS, or HS?

The evolution of learning at WAB has already begun school-wide – not only in specific school sections, but throughout the community. In fact, it is just the next step in our school’s 24-year journey of providing the best learning for every student.

Implementation does not all happen at once. One key fact about FLoW21 is that it will take time to achieve our Targets. FLoW21 is a process. The journey is designed to increase and diversify new approaches and methods for teaching and learning that will improve the school experience for everyone. It’s not a simple on-off switch; it’s about further developing the culture within our community where everyone is looking for ways to improve.

For example, some learning spaces will be prototyped throughout campus next year. We will learn from the changes that take place, evaluate how these changes affect teaching and learning, and use these findings to inform us on how to proceed in transforming learning spaces school-wide. More general examples include:

  • finding more ways to offer students choice within specific units or frameworks;
  • the addition of a Day 9 into the block rotation for Middle/High School students to co-construct a schedule;
  • identifying more opportunities for concepts, competencies, and skills to be taught across subject areas.

For Targets related to self-directed learning, mentoring, and flexible scheduling, our faculty is undergoing professional training on how to implement these changes in age-appropriate ways, at speeds determined by individual learners, and with the support needed by each student.

So, it’s NOT the case that one day, because of FLoW21, all students have complete control of their schedules or free choice on how they spend their time. Instead, the WAB community is on a collective journey to create a culture in which we strive to implement the FLoW21 Targets in ways that we know will continue to improve teaching and learning for each individual at WAB.

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