You Ask, We Answer: How can I support my child in FLoW21?

This post is part of our “You Ask, We Answer” series, in which we collect questions from our parent and international communities about the Future of Learning at WAB. You can submit questions your questions here.

We know that a student’s learning experience improves when their parents take an active role in their education. It’s a key aspect of the Future of Learning at WAB and included in several of our Targets. Here are some suggestions of how you can participate in your child’s learning with FLoW21. 

  • Maintain an on-going conversation. One key element is getting to know how your child learns best. For example, does your child learn better working by themselves, or collaborating in a group? It is not helpful to expect your child to be one type of learner when we know that they learn better in another way. Instead of asking what your child learned each day, stay informed about what’s going on around school and talk about those events, activities, and assignments specifically.
  • Take advantage of WAB’s online tools to stay in touch with your child’s learning and discuss the ways they are working to accomplish tasks and goals. Help your child understand the importance of organization and how that can contribute to their success and day-to-day life. This will help foster a balance of your child's ability to self-direct their learning while receiving a healthy amount of support from you as parents.
  • Give children opportunities outside of school to manage their time, make choices, analyze situations, make a positive impact, and connect their learning to real life situations. Find ways for them to take ownership over the things they do. This may be by discussing current events, encouraging participation in extra hobbies or activities, fostering their contributions to a service activity, suggesting a good book, or just discussing their interests and passions.
  • Emphasize the importance of relationships with other students, teachers, and mentors, and help them navigate any challenging social situations they may be facing. As a parent, keep communication lines open with teachers, as this is a great way for you to take a more directly supportive role in their learning.
  • Attend FLoW21 sessions. WAB offers regular workshops for parents that explain our research-based methodologies, allows parents to experience FLoW21-style learning, and ask questions. We encourage you to take part in these sessions, as parent involvement at school will improve your child’s experience. Here you can find details about the upcoming Future of Learning at WAB Ambassador training sessions for parents.
  • Read articles and resources, often times posted on the FLoW21 website and blog.


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