You Ask, We Answer: Are Teachers Ready for the Future of Learning?

In this series of posts, we answer questions collected from WAB parents about the Future of Learning. Click here to submit your question.

Are teachers ready for the Future of Learning?

The role of the teacher is changing. We addressed this topic in a post on our Future of Learning blog. So how can we be sure our teachers are equipped with the skills and knowledge to implement the innovative techniques and practices associated with FLoW21?

Professional Development Opportunities

Acknowledging that FLoW21 requires a variety of skillsets beyond traditional instruction methods, WAB has invested money and time into training our teachers to prepare for their transforming roles. We have invited world-leading experts and hosted international workshops covering mentorship skills, student agency and self-directed learning, using innovative learning spaces, professional collaboration, and other FLoW21-related topics. WAB has created opportunities for teachers in all sections of the school to work together in teams and collaborate, as team teaching is often seen as one of the biggest changes related to the Future of Learning. All of our teachers are directly involved in the creation of our school's new systems and structures. Our teachers also have the freedom to choose professional learning experiences around the globe and are required to show how these experiences connect to FLoW21.


WAB has always had a very rigorous and in-depth recruitment process, attracting and employing the world's most experienced, dedicated, passionate, and qualified teachers. We have a tradition of hiring teachers who are "WAB fit," meaning their personal educational beliefs and practices are aligned with the Future of Learning at WAB. As we have progressed in our Future of Learning journey, recruitment efforts have been focused on finding teachers who are enthusiastic about being part of a school that is at the forefront of innovative education. Our FLoW21 is so well-known around the international school circuit, it has become a major attraction for forward-looking teachers. As other schools around the world (such as UNIS Hanoi, IICS, and PK Yonge, and so many others) adopt similar transformations, we expect newly recruited teachers will contribute their experience and expertise to the Future of Learning at WAB.

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