Chinese culture is apparent all over the WAB campus, and we will continue to enhance the presence of Chinese traditional colors and architecture in our new learning spaces throughout our Beijing International School.

These features will be prominent and functional, contributing to the learning of the students, the immersion into our host country’s culture, and the flow of energy and use of space in the buildings. Highlights include:

  • Areas will be organized around courtyards that will be full of movement, promote meeting and the exchange of ideas, and allow a space for the exhibition of student work.
  • Dragon paths lay out the plan for the organization of spaces. They are the inspiration for directing the flow of movement and energy throughout our campus. These bending paths create flexible organization. “Instead of having a squared kind of structure – coming from a traditional way of thinking about schools – we have another way of organizing the space that has an impact on how you move through the environment.” – Rosan Bosch, Founder and Creative Director of WAB’s design studio partner.
  • Round moon gates – which dragons pass through, according to Chinese traditional beliefs – will serve as the thresholds between the learning landscapes and bring awareness to the transition between differently functional spaces.
  • We will use local materials, such as bamboo, rice paper, glossy ceramics, red-painted timber, Chinese cotton, and lantern lampions.
  • The traditional elements – earth, metal, water, wood, and fire – will serve as the basis of our color palette.
  • Design will draw inspiration from shapes of traditional latticework and graphic ornamentation.

To learn more about the renovations we are making to our learning spaces for the benefit of students and teachers, visit our Learning Spaces page.


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