The future of learning at wab

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Leading World Education

Your influence here at WAB extends beyond these walls to international education all over the world. You are pioneers. Everybody in this international community is looking at you. Thank you for being courageous and making that step forward for us all and for children all over the globe.

The Joint IBO, NEASC, and CIS Accreditation Teams, September 2018

An IB World School Like No Other

We are convinced as a team that FLoW21 can significantly enhance the quality of the implementation of the IB programs.

IBO Evaluation Team Chair, address to WAB Community, Sept 2018

Learning for the Next Steps

We have seen fantastic learning in your classrooms.

CIS Accreditation Team Chair, address to WAB Community September 2018


To inform and inspire.

What is FLoW21?

At the heart of FLoW21 is the belief that learners need to be at the center of their education to get the best learning gains. We want to teach them not only how to be life-long learners, but disciplined minds.

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Our Journey

Join us on WAB's journey to maximize education for every student, from where we started in 2016 to now. 

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What are the targets that FLoW21 aims to achieve?

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The Future of Education Now

#FOEN2019 is a truly immersive, global conference about dynamic change, delivered by a school going through dynamic change. 

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From curriculum to teaching methods, room design and virtual spaces, read articles and watch videos from organizations around the world. View past FLoW21 presentations given by our professional educators.

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Learning Stories

Read stories about the future of learning at WAB and other institutions around the world that are changing the way we look at education.

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