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WABX is the Western Academy of Beijing's co-curricular activities program. If it happens outside the classroom, it's a WABX activity.

In any given year, WABX offers more than 300 club, language and service options, over 100 sporting options, and also helps to organize trips abroad. WABX serves as a facilitator for the many sports tournaments, arts festivals and special events, which help to make WAB such a stimulating and vibrant environment.

Martin Halpin
Martin Halpin, Athletics & Activities Director

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Sports and Athletics


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WAB...where dreams and visions become reality through true collaboration and teamwork.

Donna Connolly, WAB Alumni Staff

Sports and Athletics

The Western Academy of Beijing offers students at all grade levels opportunities to participate in 16 different competitive sports.


We welcome competitive, passionate players as well as those who would like to experience a new sport. The WAB program seeks to provide a supportive environment where each individual can develop. With an emphasis on sportsmanship, each student-athlete is challenged to learn and develop new skills, embrace the value of working together to achieve common goals, and become empowered to stretch their boundaries and self-expectations. Our alumni athletes have gone on to join prestigious sports colleges and universities like NYU, McGill and Brown.

WAB has an extensive sports exchange program with other international schools located locally, within China, and beyond.

As a member of the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), the Association of Chinese and Mongolian International Schools (ACAMIS), and of the International Schools Activities Conference – Beijing / Tianjin (ISAC), WAB students regularly enjoy opportunities to compete in a broad and balanced inter-school athletic program that is an integral part of their educational experience.




Student clubs provide opportunities for students to work together around a specific interest and follow their shared passions. The clubs available for WAB students to join is subject to change in a given year as interests fluctuate and personal schedules allow.

Below are a sample of the clubs that have been formed by students in recent years:


    This ASA is responsible for producing the weekly WAB TV episode. Students develop their writing, reporting, editing, filming and producing skills.
  • Beginner Kung Fu
    Learn from a Shao Lin Master. Explore the movements and traditions as learnt by the monks in the Shao Lin Temple.
  • Mad Science
    At our science lab, children can participate in cool experiments they don't get to do in class, including dissecting a fish, dust explosions and many more!
  • Makerspace
    Students have an opportunity to learn about robotics and engineering principles through products such as MakeBlock, Lego and Scratch.
  • Student-led Activities
    Students in Grade 5 can also lead an after-school activity. Examples have included Minecraft, coding, dance and art and a variety of sports.


  • Student Council
    Each school section at WAB has its own Student Council, acting as the voice of the student body, and contributing to the ongoing development of our school. Involvement and responsibility grow as students move through the school sections, with the High School eventually organizing large social events.
  • World Scholars Cup
    The World Scholar's Cup is a global organization where students compete as a team in debate, writing, and subject categories. Students will compete locally and, if they score well enough, they are invited to travel abroad in June to compete. If they score high enough in the summer global round, they are invited to an elite round at a prestigious university abroad.
  • Tiger Sports Entertainment Network
    As part of WAB broadcasting team, Tiger Sports Entertainment Network (TSEN) is an after-school activity where students live stream APAC sports and other campus-wide activities. Technical team members operate the Tri-Caster and on-field cameras, while announcers comment on games and conduct interviews with coaches and players.
  • Yearbook Committees
    In the Middle School, students put their creative minds together as part of an ASA to help design and plan the layout for school yearbook. In the High School, students take on much more work, and actually produce the yearbook largely on their own.
  • ACAMIS Teams Mathematical Challenge
    Teams of Grade 9 and 10 students race to answer math questions of increasing difficulty in a given time.
  • YBM (Young Business Minds)
    To set up enterprise initiatives created by students.
  • Geek Force
    The Geek Force is the specialist squad of students who have interest and experience in information and communication technology. The team works closely with WAB's IT team and participates in exciting technology projects and events within and outside of WAB.
  • Model United Nations (MUN)
    MUN is the ideal activity for students who are interested in world differences and public speaking and who would like to make a difference. Students follow the same format as the United Nations to try to solve issues currently facing the world.
  • Inkblot
    Inkblot is WAB's student-run magazine. Distributed throughout the High School, the publication contains student articles, reviews, art and other work by our High School students.
  • Writing Lab
    A 'drop-in' lab open to all students who need help with a specific writing task.


The Arts thrive at the Western Academy of Beijing. Guided by a talented and creative faculty of trained teachers and artists, our students are taught foundational skills while also being challenged to express their own artistic vision. There are plentiful opportunities to explore the Fine Arts at our campus, where students regularly perform for peers and the community.


WAB offers a rich variety of opportunities for students of all school sections to express themselves through music. Our vocal music program includes Choir as well as opportunities for individual and student-organized group performances. Our instrumental music program includes String Orchestra, Beginner Band, Intermediate Band and Concert Band, as well as Jazz Band.

Students often organize smaller bands and perform in concerts, assemblies, or other events like WAB Idol and WAB Rock in The Park. High School students can also audition for the APAC Choir, Band and Orchestra – a group of select musicians who represent WAB in the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) Music Festivals, which showcase the talent of students from various international schools in the Asia Pacific region.

Visual Arts

WAB students can participate in after-school activities designed to develop self-confidence and skills in visual arts, regardless of the amount of former training. This includes the opportunity to create and display their work at school, have it published in school publications and share their knowledge and creativity.


Elementary, Middle and High School all offer after school drama classes aimed at developing students’ abilities on stage, as well as their self-confidence, creativity, teamwork, and presentation skills outside of WAB. Each school section presents a play and a musical every year. In addition to acting opportunities, WAB students assist with set design, lighting, and sound, acting as stage crew for each production.

High School students can also audition for the APAC Drama team – a select group who represent WAB in the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) Drama Festival, which showcases the talent of students from various international schools in the Asia Pacific region.


In addition to the curricular High School Dance program, WAB offers Middle School and High School students an opportunity to further develop their skills and perform through a variety of after school classes. These include ballet technique, modern dance, and special classes taught by guest choreographers from the Beijing Modern LDTX Dance Company and the Beijing Dance Academy.

Students can also audition for the APAC Dance Team – a group of select dancers who represent WAB in the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) Dance Festival, which showcases the talent of students from various international schools.