Parents, staff and friends in the WAB community are making valuable contributions to the school experience. There are many ways to volunteer at WAB – find out which one speaks to you and join us!

Parent Link

Parent Link is a group of parent volunteers connecting, supporting and enriching the whole WAB community in a spirit of shared enthusiasm and positive action. Parent Link volunteers are involved in a variety of ongoing activities and events throughout the school year. To learn more and volunteer, visit our Parent Link

WAB's PTA is dedicated to supporting the top International School Beijing


Parent Ambassadors

Our diverse team of international Parent Ambassadors offers tours to prospective families from their home country. During a visit to WAB, these families get unique and valuable insights from our ambassadors. To volunteer, contact our Head of Admissions, Yingshya Pee at yingshya_pee@wab.edu.

Parent Ambassadors are a key to the top international private school China.

Global Issues Conference

This annual one-day conference is organized for WAB Middle and High School students. WAB invites confident and engaging experts and professionals to speak on topics related to global issues, including environmental, scientific, business, economic, education and health. Students also have the opportunity to speak about their own on-going charitable work.

Join our Global Issues Conference by contacting our Global Citizenship/CAS Coordinator, Lorraine Mc Mullen at lorraine_mcmullen@wab.edu.

The Global Issues Conference is for Beijing IN International School students.

Career Fair

WAB’s Annual Career Fair is in January/February every year. We invite professionals representing a wide range of career fields to speak with our High School students. The main goal of the Career Fair is to broaden our students' horizons and deepen their understanding of career choices as they begin their journey towards graduation and the world that lies beyond WAB.

Join our Annual Career Fair or learn more about what industries are represented by contacting our High School Counselor, Michelle Chow-Liu at mchow@wab.edu.

WAB's career fair is for Beijing IDBP students

Student Ambassadors

A team of Student Ambassadors take prospective students on tours when they visit our Campus. As an embodiment of our school's spirit and warm, caring attitude, these students are the face of WAB.

WAB's student ambassadors are what make us one of the best international schools China!

To join this team, contact our High School Counselor, Michelle Chow-Liu at mchow@wab.edu.

World of Work

An opportunity to ‘work in the real world’ is offered to our Grade 10 students, who can choose a work placement linked to their future career interests. This one-week internship is typically in the first week of June.

As part of our Beijing High School, students get to have real-world experience!

Support our program by offering work experience opportunities! Contact: WOW Coordinator, Michelle Chow-Liu at mchow@wab.edu.

WAB will always hold a very special place in my heart. It was not only the school my kids were educated at for most of their school life, but was a home to all of us. The WAB family, consisting of parents, students and staff create a very unique community which I was proud to be part of. WAB has opened my world to education and given me a new passion to pursue and instilled a sense of lifelong learning for both of my children.

Annette Arbenz, WAB Parent


WAB doesn't just involve the community. We ARE a community!

Parent Link

Connecting, supporting and enriching our community.

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