Green Initiatives

green initiatives

The Western Academy of Beijing strongly believes in caring for and respecting our environment. We realize that our future depends on protecting the health and well-being of our children and the planet.

Over the years, WAB has implemented multiple programs to make the school environment healthier for students and staff, while also reducing our ecological footprint.

Through these initiatives, we empower our students to be responsible global citizens and encourage the greater WAB community to get involved in finding solutions to the environmental problems we face together. On our campus and beyond, WAB is helping to make a difference.

Iconic Campus Duck Lake Clean-up Operations

In 2017, WAB celebrated the opening of Duck Lake's advanced on-site water filtration system, donated by Beijing OriginWater.

The ceremony was the culmination of efforts from the entire community and honored those who invested in the future of Duck Lake in a variety of ways. Launched at the WAB Gala in the fall of 2016, the Fund for Education and Environment of Duck Lake, or FEED, raised 480,000 RMB in fundraising efforts and 1.4 million RMB through donations from seven WAB families. Their legacy will forever be part of our campus on an engraved stone next to Duck Lake.

Learn more about WAB's Duck Lake clean-up operations here.

Other green initiatives on campus

Energy Conservation

Installed LED lights, motion-activated light switches and a green roof in the High School building.

Indoor Air Quality

Installed air purifiers throughout the school, and built a multi-sport air-supported structure (Tiger L'Air). Learn more about our Air Awareness:

AQI, WAB, PM2.5, air filtration

Water and Outdoor Air Quality

Duck Lake, which was ‘adopted’ by WAB in 2006, is part of the Sun River and is nestled between the High School and Middle School campuses. The cleanup of the lake provides an educational focus for the school and contributes to the broader community.

Water Conservation

Installed motion-activated water faucets in all school areas to help save water on our campus.

Green Generation Environmental Education Center

The Green Generation Environmental Education Center project was created by WAB in partnership with Bayer China and the Jane Goodall Institute China.

With their support, 'Duck Lake' was transformed into protected wetlands and an outdoor environmental education center for WAB students.



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