China Connection

WAB was founded not only with the intention of creating a truly international school, but one that is also strongly connected to its host country, China.

We believe that China is a platform for learning that enriches both the curriculum and the daily experience of WAB students.

From our purpose-built facilities inspired by Chinese design philosophy, to the planning of work units in our curriculum, to the commitment to Chinese language taught at all levels, China is woven through the tapestry of the Western Academy of Beijing.


China Studies

The China Studies department, and all teachers at WAB, are required to incorporate China as a focal point in units of work throughout the IB curriculum. Additionally, students from Grade 6 -12 participate in week-long China studies field trips in different regions throughout the country. WAB also invites dozens of experts in Chinese culture and the arts to visit classes across the school in order to help students deepen their appreciation and understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.

Students participate in various activities reaching out to the community and benefit from the opportunity to have authentic collaboration and interaction with local community groups.


Chinese Language Programs

WAB believes that language is one of the most important ways that we understand culture. While we offer a variety of second-language programs, the Chinese language has a special place in our curriculum and all our students and staff are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to learn Chinese.

The program caters for beginners through to native speakers and recognizes the diverse learning needs of our students. The teaching of Chinese language is engaging, multi-dimensional, relevant, challenging and effective and ongoing research ensures that we follow best practice language instruction for all learners. Learn more about our language programs here.


Language Programs

Language programs, WAB

Curriculum-integrated language courses for students during the regular WAB school day and specialized programs offered after school hours.


History, WAB

A rich history of more than 20 years of growth and development.


WAB doesn't just involve the community. We ARE a community!

Making a Difference

Outside the Classroom, WAB

Global citizens with a responsibility towards the world around us.