We Played, We Rocked, We Came Together!

We Played, We Rocked, We Came Together!

After three years of nostalgia and anticipation, not one but four of WAB’s biggest community events came back in full force on campus! Between Wednesday, May 19 and Saturday, May 20, close to 5000 people visited WAB to experience a school culture that truly walks the talk of being a joyful place.

Kicking off the festive week was the Identity Film Festival, an outlet for self-expression and a platform for showcasing students’ filmmaking talents. This year, the event was split into two sessions: a red-carpet screening of all major student films, followed by a separate awards ceremony and screening of the shortlisted films. A notable highlight was the inclusion of renowned Cinematographer Kees van Oostrum on the jury panel, along with High School teachers Patrik Izing and Daniel Avila. Find out more about film at WAB here.

The week truly offered something for everyone.

On May 19, the festivities continued with Jazz and Chill. WAB’s Middle and High School student bands delivered smooth sounds and good vibes in the Middle School plaza, while guest band Brazil EO delighted with their South America-inspired electric fusion.

On Saturday, May 20, Rock in the Park and WAB Fun Fair lived up to their well-deserved reputation as the biggest day out of the year. On that day, our campus was a happy place for everyone, big and small. There were games, activities, bouncy castles, food, shopping, and of course, a phenomenal lineup of live music by student and staff bands.

“There were so many amazing things about the whole few days: From Coach Don opening it up on Wednesday lunchtime, singing 'Country Roads' with students, to the fabulous Wednesday evening red carpet event and a rainy but cool Jazz in the Park. A fabulous awards evening for the film fest, with all the amazing bands, dancers, and performers. The stunning sidewalk art, MS design for the logos, and the eclectic throng of stalls and vendors, along with a joyous mass of people jumping to 'Sweet Caroline' – all adding up to an unforgettable festival with so many highlights. And of course, all filmed by TSEN. Thank you again, one and all. Here's to next year!" said Mark Armstrong, High School Arts Learning Leader and Theatre Manager.

Thanks to everyone who came and made this year’s events so memorable. We’re already counting down the days to next year’s events!


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