WAB's University Acceptances List Continues to Grow

Impressive university acceptances continue to roll in for WAB’s Class of 2022.

Following our announcement earlier this year, WAB’s graduating students have received offers of admission from dozens of world-renowned and specialized university programs.

One of the students is Tiffany F. Tiffany will be heading to University of Pennsylvania (Penn) to major in mathematics at minor in visual arts, with a long-term goal of achieving a PhD in Theoretical Mathematics and becoming a number theorist, driving new discoveries in the properties of numbers.

On top of her math major and visual arts minor at Penn, Tiffany will be studying in the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program, which brings together the humanities, social sciences, and sciences. She will study History of Evolutionary Biology, Ancient Intellectual History, Ancient Philosophy, and Cognitive Neuroscience.

“The Program can help me explore interconnections between disciplinary forms of knowledge, discover new interdependencies, and revolutionize my ideas as a whole,” Tiffany said. “At WAB, I was able to participate in math competitions, the math club, and communicate with teachers and similarly passionate peers. Though I’m interested in Math, WAB doesn’t limit students to follow a narrow path. My teachers and counselors also encouraged me to explore other interests and devote in community service.”

Tiffany credited the support she received from her WAB teachers and counselors as a major influence in making the decision to attend Penn and the Benjamin Franklin Scholars Program.

“I was able to acquire a lot of math resources and explore my passion with the help from my Math teacher and the entire Math department. I was also able to communicate with a Penn alumnus, my English teacher, who also helped me a lot and convinced me into joining the program. My counselor devoted a lot of energy and effort in improving my college application and supporting me throughout the process.”

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