WAB’s Model United Nations Club Wins Five Awards

WAB’s Model United Nations Club Wins Five Awards

In November 2022, over 500 student representatives from schools across China joined the online opening ceremony of the World Model United Nations (MUN) High Level Conference to launch a critical mission: finding solutions to pressing global issues through diplomacy. Three of those delegates – Grade 8 Minji, Alex and Evelyn from WAB’s MUN student club – took home the "World Youth Leadership Award" for their efforts simulating the role of delegates from Cameroon, Malaysia and Nigeria.

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations where students play the role of delegates from different countries and attempt to solve real world issues with the policies and perspectives of their assigned country. At WAB, MUN is a student-led club that has been running for many years, giving students the opportunity to develop and refine skills that are key to future success including gaining in-depth knowledge of global issues through research, critical thinking, problem-solving, debating, public speaking, teamwork and leadership.

Minji represented Malaysia in the International Labor Organization (ILO) where she fought hard to protect and guarantee decent work and rights protection of disabled people.

“I am passionate about MUN because I have always felt the importance of being aware of the global issues related to the United Nations. Through MUN, I not only learn about what is happening worldwide but also come up with resolutions to help solve the issues. Writing the resolutions emphasizes the contribution and strength United Nations can have, which I enjoy as well. Furthermore, MUN is a great chance to think in different perspectives of the topic, in the point of view of the country I am representing and also considering their views and international relationships. By discussing the topic with other delegates, we learn to look at it from many other countries’ points of view, which also impacts the resolutions we have. Lastly, one of the things I love the most about MUN is developing and practicing the ability to speak clearly in front of others and expressing our perspectives and opinions in an organized way,” Minji said.

Alex was in the Committee of Disarmament and International Security (DISEC), dealing with disarmament, global challenges and threats to peace that affect the international community and seeking out solutions in the international security regime.

“I have been doing MUN for almost 2 years now and have had the opportunity to meet new and diverse people from all across China who come from different backgrounds. MUN has allowed to develop not only my public speaking, negotiation and researching skills, it also allows me to bring out my dedication towards problem solving in a group environment as well as helping newer delegates navigate conference procedures. Every club meeting, the more experienced delegates from HS always find ways to expand our knowledge involving MUN and practicing to be future world ambassadors.I will always be engaged in MUN activities, whether it be this year in G8 or all through-out HS. I am hoping to eventually take on a leadership role in the club, guiding newer members into enjoying and taking part in conferences as well as teaching subjects like resolution writing and formatting,” Alex said.

Evelyn acted as a delegate of Cameroon in the International Civil Aviation Organization, passionately making the case for improving international cooperation in air crash response and humanitarian assistance. She said: “I am passionate about MUN because at WAB we always focus on many things that relate to the SDGs, and I enjoy learning about them in class. Another thing that drives my passion about MUN is my love for debating. I took part in the World Scholars Cup (WSC) for a reason: WSC was really fun and it was also an activity that spurred my interest in debating. So since I liked these two things, I found that MUN a great fit for me.” 

Several High School students and MUN coach Irina Karimova join the Middle School students every week during the lunchtime club meetings, acting as mentors and overseeing activities. For their excellent performance at the World MUN High Level Conference Opening Ceremony, Irina and the team were presented with the “MUN Coach Award” and the “Excellent Team Award”.

“I am very proud of our student-members of MUN. The most important skill students learn in MUN is representing others to attempt to solve real world issues. In MUN, we try to respect all nations and their interests. And with these skills in 20 years, our students will be real delegates of their countries in the UN and they will make our world a better place,” MUN Coach Irina Karimova said.

WAB’s MUN students are now preparing for the next round of challenges: the Beijing MUN at ISB (BEIMUN) from February 23-26 and the Dulwich MUN Conference (DIMUN) from March 17-19. 

“To prepare, we are following important global news, learning about the process of a MUN conference, and learn to draft resolutions. We have practiced drafting our resolutions in groups, presenting them and discussing them, and receive feedback for improvement. All in all, as I keep learning and practicing, I enjoy seeing myself improving skills needed for MUN conferences and engagement in global issues!” said Minji.

“How do I prepare for the upcoming conference? When I am given the committee and country that I will be representing for the conference, I proceed to do research concerning the topic of the conference and draft main contention points that will be brought up during the conference. I will also write a position paper if it is required as well as coordinating with possible allies at WAB,” Alex added.

Congrats to Alex, Minji, Evelyn and the whole team for the excellent performance so far and we wish you all the best in the upcoming conferences!

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