WAB's Dutch Language Program Celebrates Milestone Anniversary

by Alexia Mavromatis, WAB Dutch Teacher & The Red Lion Dutch School Director

WAB's Dutch community celebrated the 25th anniversary of our Dutch Mother Tongue Language Program and the De Rode Leeuw's (The Red Lion) 15th year as a Dutch school. 

Dressed in The Netherland's signature orange and with many of the children's faces painted with their national colors, families celebrated by enjoying traditional Dutch snacks and games in WAB's Chinese Garden. 

Bas Pulles, Minister of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, spoke about the importance of collaboration between the embassy and the school. He talked about the positive contributions the school has made to families who come to work in Beijing and want to continue to have a Dutch language education and a connection to home.

WAB Director Marta Medved congratulated the Dutch school and spoke about the importance of multilingualism.

A video about the history of our Dutch Mother Tongue Language Program and school took the families on a trip down memory lane. Elementary students from the Dutch-integrated day program performed, and Dutch and Belgian High School students from the after-school program created and hosted a Kahoot quiz about the school's history.

Alongside the celebration of our anniversary, we also celebrated Dutch King’s Day with the families in our Dutch and Belgian communities with traditional Dutch games.

We look forward to the continued success of our Dutch language education and close connection to Dutch culture at WAB. Learn more here WAB's Mother Tongue Language Program here.