WAB's DP Art Exhibition on Show

WAB's DP Art Exhibition on Show

WAB's IB Diploma Programme (DP) Arts students recently organized an exhibition that showcased their art collections. Our senior art students took charge of curating the entire show themselves, demonstrating individual art pieces as well as their thoughts on the presentation.

Martin Derbyshire, the High School Art teacher, provided insights into the two-year DP art program, composed of the comparative study, process portfolio, and exhibition. The process portfolio, also referred to as a visual arts journal, serves as a comprehensive record of students' research into art theory, history, brainstorming, sketches, ideation, and investigation. Martin emphasized the significance of documenting the creation process in the journal, as it fosters ongoing reflection and facilitates learning. He said, "We're here ultimately to learn. We're not here to show our finished products." 

Grade 12 student Xinyi said, "The atmosphere plays a huge role in helping us become more creative and more successful in terms of our artistic careers". As a painter, she feels the renovation of the art studio helped her find inspiration from viewing the art on display.

Angus, another DP Art student, chose to specialize in 3D digital art projects, an area he has been working in for the past few years and intends to pursue professionally. Both Xinyi and Angus shared the impact their teacher Mr. Derbyshire had on their work. He guided them as they organized their thoughts and helped them strike a balance between their artistic creativity and the requirements of the IB program.

Grade 12 student Feifei appreciated the freedom that the DP art program provided, stating "DP art allowed me to experiment a lot with my own style and what I want to do and explore in my art".

To gain further insight into the DP art exhibition, please watch the highlight video above.


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