WAB Wins International School Award in Strategic Leadership

WAB Wins International School Award in Strategic Leadership

Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) is thrilled to have won the Strategic Leadership award at the 2023 International School Awards for our “Strategy 2022+” initiative. Hosted by ISC Research, the winners were announced during a live online event on January 24. 291 applications were received this year from international schools in 61 countries.

Strategy 2022+ was designed by WAB together with students, parents, staff, board and alumni members, to define the course for the future of learning at our school. Student agency was at the core, with student teams empowered to create workshops to explore futures thinking and to generate community wide data on ‘Portraits of WAB Alumni’. Through this data, we identified the dispositions, skills and knowledge that will ensure our alumni are positive agents of action in a changing and unpredictable world. The initiative, which was structured by the Director of Innovation in Learning & Teaching and Head of School, resulted in an inclusive, student-led process, bringing in perspectives of all stakeholders as we refined our focuses for action.

“We have taken a very bold and innovative approach in charting our strategic way forward. I am happy that it has been recognized globally and I hope that it will inspire more schools in the world to develop inclusive strategies where student voice is leading the way and where every voice is heard. Our 2022+ strategy affirms our mission and core values and wants us to amplify innovation in learning and continue focusing on wellbeing. It is also stretching us to inspire our learners to be champions of inclusion and sustainability not only while they are at WAB, but throughout their whole life. My huge thanks go to our whole community that helped us shape the strategy and primarily to our students, Stephen Taylor, our Director of Innovation, and Nathalie Azzopardi, our Board Chair. All of them have been such great partners throughout the whole process,” said Head of School, Dr. Marta Medved Krajnovic.

WAB is honored to receive this recognition and we congratulate everyone involved.

The outcomes of this highly collaborative process can be read by clicking read more here.


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