WAB wins Science &  Technology and Staff Development & Wellbeing Awards

WAB wins Science &  Technology and Staff Development & Wellbeing Awards

WAB is proud to have won the Science and Technology Award as well as the Staff Development and Wellbeing Award at the 2024 China Schools Awards.  

Chosen by an independent panel of judges following a rigorous two-stage audited scoring system, the winners were announced at the China School Awards held in Guangzhou on February 29.  

The Science and Technology Award recognizes the school that has most successfully integrated innovative STEM and EdTech into its teaching and learning, elevating, and enhancing the broadest range of learning experiences through the intelligent application of technologies. 

"WAB's holistic approach to innovation in learning and teaching allows our students to experience science, technology, and future-oriented perspectives through many different types of experiences," said Stephen Taylor, the Director of Innovation in Learning and Teaching. He continued, Science and technology play an integral and constantly-evolving role in our lives, and WAB believes in the importance of inspiring our learners by embracing transformative advancements, creativity, cutting-edge technology, and fostering an open mindset."

Staff Development and Wellbeing Award acknowledges the school that has made the most outstanding efforts in ensuring the continued professional and personal growth of its staff and promoting wellbeing and balance in the working lives of its academic, administrative, leadership, and function teams. 

WAB's Head of School Dr. Marta Medved Krajnovic emphasized, "These two awards are a testament to the collective efforts of numerous teams at WAB. As a school, we recognize that to enhance children's and adult learning and growth, we must prioritize our mental and physical well-being. Thus, the well-being and wellness of both our students and employees will continue to be one of the key focuses of our strategic planning and daily practices."

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