WAB TV 200th Episode

WAB TV 200th Episode

In this week's episode, we have invited three special guests- Grade 5 students Alice and Chase, along with Douglas Taylor, Elementary School Design teacher and the driving force behind WAB TV. They shared their passion for TV production, favorite moments, advice for future participants, and exciting details about the upcoming 200th episode.  

From the establishment to its development, Douglas provides an overview of the WAB TV program, which is an After-School Activity specially designed for Grade 4 and 5 students at WAB's Elementary School. He highlighted that WAB TV is a "risk-free way of practicing presenting," where students can acquire various transferable skills through participation, such as time management and leadership.  

During the episode, Grade 5 student Alice discusses the production planning process, emphasizing how it has broadened her mindset and improved her collaboration with peers. "I've also become more confident when I'm talking on screen and I'm looking forward to learning more in WAB TV," she shared.  

Chase, a new participant in WAB TV from Grade 5, shared his personal growth through the program. He candidly admitted that he was initially shy but has now become more confident and active with TV presenting.  

Both Alice and Chase encourage future participants of WAB TV to embrace confidence, highlighting the supportive and comfortable environment within the program. If you're interested in the exciting story behind WAB TV, be sure to tune in to this episode!  

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