WAB Students Speak Out About Sustainability 

WAB Students Speak Out About Sustainability 

At the Community Sustainability Workshop this Monday, WAB students took over and presented the first results of the Metanoia Sustainability Audit to fellow students, WAB staff, leadership, and parents.  

Students dived into data and statistical information provided by Metanoia, covering eleven key areas including energy, water, transportation, food, waste, curriculum, governance, buildings and grounds, procurement, communication, and community engagement. 

During the workshop, students presented evidence, findings, and recommendations. In each part of the presentations, students and the Metanoia team collaborated to present the global and local contexts for the issues, then demonstrated analyses of the findings and recommendations related to WAB. For instance, to address food waste, they emphasized the use of different media for awareness campaigns. Ongoing training on waste separation and recycling was also recommended to enhance recycling practices, and new media for waste separation have already been produced as a result of the audit process. 

"Our long collaboration with Metanoia allowed us as Middle School(MS) students to have this wonderful opportunity to learn, work, and grow," said Grade 8 student Audrey. She shared, "Sustainability will always be a part of my life, and it will be our continued mission as MS reps to further bring that into our community."

To further strengthen sustainability governance, students proposed producing an annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report and considering broader projects related to sustainability that can connect our community. Over the coming months, the students, teacher leads, and sustainability steering committee will work through the reports, determining projects to make WAB more sustainable.   

"Seeing the students work closely with the Metanoia team over the last year, and especially over the last week as they prepared for this workshop, has been energizing. They have learned a lot through their collaboration with sustainability experts, and their presentations, discussions, and recommendations were inspiring to see," said Stephen Taylor, the Director of Innovation in Learning and Teaching. He further highlighted, "This process has been a good example of student agency in action towards issues of significance, and we are really looking forward to our next steps as we set goals and launch projects."

The full environmental auditing report by Metanoia will be available in April. For more insights into WAB's commitment to environmental protection and community responsibility, and opportunities to join in future workshops, please stay tuned. 


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