WAB Recognized as a Global Intangible Cultural Heritage Model School  

WAB Recognized as a Global Intangible Cultural Heritage Model School  

 We are pleased to announce that WAB has been honored with the Global Intangible Cultural Heritage Model School Award on November 23. This accolade was presented by UNESCO and Intangible Cultural Heritage at the World Intangible Cultural Heritage Youth International Education Principal's Summit Forum.  

"This prestigious recognition is a result of our outstanding performance in integrating Chinese cultural heritage into our students' learning," said Wenjing Wang, the China Studies Director at WAB. She also acknowledged the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the staff and students of WAB. 

To uphold WAB's core value of China-Global coherence, the China Studies department has consistently organized enriching trips, hands-on activities, and high-quality exhibitions to deepen students' understanding of Chinese culture and enhance their Chinese language skills. 

Recently, WAB has established a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) exhibition at the Elementary School (ES) lobby. This exhibition showcases the rich history, practices, and contributions of TCM to healthcare in China while aligning with the Unit of Inquiry (UOI) study for Grade 4 students and the Chinese language learning curriculum in other grade levels. 

Through the display of different herbs and TCM items, Grade 4 students completed a quiz and learned the basic classification of TCMs, such as discerning grain, root, leaf, stem, flower, seed, fruit, and bug. Fourth graders also had the chance to make their own Chinese herb sachets and hawthorn pills.  

Furthermore, a few Grade 4 and Grade 5 classes participated in a Tea Workshop, where they learned the art of brewing and tasting various types of Chinese tea, including black tea, Oolong tea, and jasmine tea. During this workshop, students also gained insights into the functions of different tea categories and the historical significance of Chinese tea culture. Additionally, Gongfu Master Mr. He visited WAB to teach students Ba Duan Jin and Wu Qin Xi, traditional Chinese Gongfu exercises for daily physical well-being. 

These recent exhibitions and activities have once again shown how our host country’s history and culture can enrich student learning.  


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