WAB Ranked as Top School in North China by Bon App

WAB Ranked as Top School in North China by Bon App

WAB is proud to be recognized as the number one school in North China by the Bon App International School Ranking. This nomination acknowledges our school's strength, as well as the diversity and quality of our teaching staff. Thank you also to all our parents who reviewed us on the platform. 

The Bon App International School Ranking incorporated data from October 2021 to October 2023, along with genuine feedback from parents who have had real experiences with the schools. The ranking covers three regions in China: East China, North China, and South China. 

The ranking evaluates schools based on six key aspects. These include peer review reputation (30%), cultural diversity (20%), student-teacher ratio (10%), percentage of teachers with master's degrees or above (10%), weighted parent ratings (15%), and qualified parent reviews (15%). These categories provide a comprehensive evaluation of an international school, assessing its teaching quality, learning environment, and inclusivity. WAB excelled in all these areas and emerged as the top-ranked school in the North China International School Ranking. We are thrilled to celebrate this recent achievement with our entire community. 

Bon App is a comprehensive bilingual service platform catering to international individuals both within and outside China. With thousands of honest English reviews written by its knowledgeable international community living in the country, the app allows people to discover the most suitable schools, exciting places to visit, preferred restaurants, and much more. The platform has been officially designated as the premier content provider for expatriates in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta (YRD) by the Shanghai Government and the Shanghai Administration of Culture and Tourism.  



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