Unpacking What Student Agency Means and Looks Like at WAB

Student agency can mean different things in different contexts and to different people. At WAB, student agency is embedded in everything: the curriculum, the learning, the teaching, even the strategic planning. Understanding what it actually means and how it looks in practice is important in understanding WAB.

In this week’s WAB podcast, we are joined by ES Vice Principal, Curriculum Co-ordinator and Coach for Early Years to Grade 1 Karen Lindner and WAB’s MYP Co-ordinator and Middle School Curriculum Coach Jason Reagin who explore the meaning of student agency in the WAB context. They provide useful insights on the importance of giving students agency in their learning and what it looks like in practice. Listen in as they also discuss the importance of teachers in setting boundaries, supporting and helping students understand the responsibility that comes with having choices.

“Teaching children how to make appropriate choices is important to help them to grow up and learn to be proactive members of society. Part of this is learning to advocate for yourself when making those choices as well as understanding your ownership and the consequences of the choices you make,” Karen highlights in this week’s podcast.

“Student agency also increases engagement in the learning process, as well as allowing students to fail safely. Fail in a place and time that helps them understand what happened and that does not have a punitive consequence This helps students at this developmental stage to not only learn better, but also learn how to recover when things don’t go as planned and how to stay persistent” Jason Reagin added.

Listen to this week’s Podcast and watch our short video to learn more about student agency at WAB.