The WAB Podcast: Exploring Personalization in Middle School Math

The WAB Podcast: Exploring Personalization in Middle School Math

Students at WAB take part in a rigorous, challenging Math program that is taught in a way that allows them to fully grasp the concepts and apply them across a wide range of disciplines and activities. WAB’s Math program embraces personalization, an approach that meets the students where they’re at and tailors the content to ensure they are challenged and meeting or even exceeding learning goals.

In this week’s episode of the WAB Podcast, we sit down with Middle School math teachers, Tracey Brown and Karen Jewett, along with three middle school students, Chris, Ivar, and Marie-Fleur to explore personalization in Middle School Math in greater depth.

“One of the things we see is an engagement from students every day when they come into the classroom and they know that they are working at a level that's just right for them. Built into every lesson is always additional challenge opportunities, but one of the benefits of this program is that students are never forced to sit through content that they already have learned either in previous years or previous schools, for example. So, students are always working in a lesson that is tailored to be just right for them,” Karen Jewett explains.

“One of the ways they challenge us is that at the beginning of each lesson, there's normally this short presentation where there's a thinking-outside-the-box math question, and it applies the skills that we're learning but in a different aspect, which challenge us to think in different ways,” Grade 8 student Marie-Fleur adds.

Making the case for why personalization in Middle School Math is so important, Math teacher and Head of Department Tracey Brown explains:

“In a classroom there are so many different needs and they change. They change throughout the lesson and throughout the unit and they change throughout the year. Some students need more support academically, some students need support with organization, and some students need support with socialization, and so it’s a way for us to use all these different tools to meet those needs.”

Make sure to tune in to the podcast to hear how personalization unfolds in the classroom and how it benefits our students on their learning journey. Thanks for listening!