The WAB Podcast: Everything you Need to Know about Units of Inquiry

The WAB Podcast: Everything you Need to Know about Units of Inquiry

The WAB podcast is back this week to discuss Units of Inquiry (UOI), a key feature of the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program (PYP).

A Unit of Inquiry is a trans-disciplinary learning unit where students do an in-depth exploration of a concept for six to eight weeks and are challenged to question and investigate real-world issues. Organized around one of six themes that evolve in complexity each year, Units of Inquiry at WAB are linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, which act as a framework for structuring the units.

Joining us in this week’s podcast to help us unpack this topic is Christine Bodt, a Grade 5 teacher who has been with WAB for seven years, along with Giulia and Amalia, two of our Grade 5 students.

In our conversation, Christine breaks down how Units of Inquiry are taught, why it’s such a powerful teaching method, and how it avoids siloed teaching and instead facilitates authentic learning. Giulia and Amalia reflect on some of the topics they’ve covered this year before sharing what they’re currently working on. We also cover the PYP exhibition that is coming and why it’s such an exciting time for students, parents, and teachers alike.

“As inquiry-based learning, we keep the learning hands-on and minds-on. We make sure that we're challenging students to think and to take action for and from their learning,” Christine said.

One of the best ways to keep learners engaged is by teaching a curriculum that is actually relevant to students and has real-life application – Units of Inquiry do just that. We hope you’ll join us for this insightful conversation as we take a closer look at teaching, learning, and thriving!