WAB’s New 100% Electric Buses

WAB’s New 100% Electric Buses

WAB’s 2023-24 school year had an electric kick-off with the launch of our new fleet of electric buses. This upgrade of the full fleet is the latest step towards our strategic goal of sustainable and ethical approaches to living and learning.

Students at WAB have always been strong and active advocates for sustainability and environmental protection, and transportation is an integral part of a student's school life. These new buses will not only provide a safe and eco-friendly ride for our students, but they will also support additional learning opportunities on electrical transport technology and the multiple factors to be considered when shifting from one technology to another.

"We looked at electric buses five or six years ago, but we felt the technology was not ready," said Michael Christiansen, the Chief Financial and Operating Officer at WAB. "We knew we would want to do it because we think it's the right thing to do. We waited for the right time to make this change, which for WAB is now”.

WAB's new electric bus fleet is designed to cater to the diverse needs of students. With 20 large buses, 20 medium-sized buses, and 10 small buses, WAB has meticulously planned for a seamless transportation experience. Whether it's a large group or a more intimate ride, these buses offer ample space and convenience, ensuring every student's comfort.

The drop-off areas have also been improved. "When students are around the buses, there are no fumes, smells, loud noise, or a lot of heat, like the old buses," Michael added. "When students are inside the buses, they will notice that it is much quieter than before."

Each bus is equipped with top-of-the-line features, including PM2.5 filters, 4K video cameras, heaters, air conditioners, three-point seat belts, and fire-tempered glass windows. Every care has been taken to ensure that students enjoy a safe and comfortable ride to and from WAB.


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