Supporting "Unheard Voices" during I-DEAS Week 

Supporting "Unheard Voices" during I-DEAS Week 

WAB learners celebrated Inclusion through Diversity, Equity, Anti-racism, and Social Justice (I-DEAS) last week. They explored diverse cultures and traditions and learned more about how they can better support "unheard voices".  

In the High School, student agency took center stage with student-led workshops. A highlight was the two-time panel discussions focused on "Unheard Voices" where alumni, faculty, and staff from different fields including IT, Finance, HR, and Communication were invited to share their personal experiences, helping raise awareness of diverse forms of identity, including cultural, neuro and ableism.  

Reflecting on the panel discussion, WAB's Global Citizen Coordinator, Angelia Crouch, said, "The purpose of this student-organized event was to not only celebrate the joyful parts of culture but to also look at representation and identity through a social justice perspective."  

Furthermore, High School Design teacher and Learning & ICT Coach, Keri-Lee Beasley, introduced the "We're Not Really Strangers" event, where students from different grades came together and connected through various activities. Another event, called "Trust Me," encouraged students to openly express their frustrations and grievances related to stereotypes. Student clubs such as Spectrum, Mental Health One Care, and Light Up also organized workshops. 

In Middle School, the focus was on "We All Belong". Students participated in a range of activities and projects led by teachers, students, and parents throughout the week, including language learning, cooking, cultural quizzes and games, artwork, etc. In Social-emotional learning lessons, students analyzed similarities and differences through watching short videos in mentor groups.

Darren Scott, a Senior Grade 1 teacher, highlighted the wide range of I-DEAS events at the Elementary School (ES). Our younger learners enjoyed cultural activities, explored global menus, visited the I-DEAS cinema, and listened to book readings in a variety of languages. They also shared their voices by creating their own definition of what belonging means to them and affixing them to the "He" (Harmony) sign. 

Angelia emphasized the significance of I-DEAS week, stating, "I-DEAS week was an important opportunity for our students and faculty to reflect on the diverse make-up of our community, but particularly those 'Unheard Voices' of individuals who might not feel like they are represented in the mainstream".  


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