Students Strategies for Thriving in Competitions

Students Strategies for Thriving in Competitions

In this week's episode, we had the pleasure of hosting a group of students who shared their competition experiences with us. Joining us were Middle School students Ava, Harry, and Jeff, along with High School students Isabel, Jonathan, and Masaaki. They have discussed various competitive activities, including math, writing, and coding, offering valuable insights into their preparation strategies, lessons learned, and advice for peers seeking to enhance their participation in these events.

Jeff, an eighth-grade student, highlighted the support he received from his teachers at WAB, which inspired him to participate in a prestigious writing competition in the UK. Grade 7 student Ava, who recently returned from Yale after participating in the World Scholars' Cup, shared her experience of conquering the challenges of individual research and task breakdown as effective problem-solving techniques.

High School student Masaaki recounted his experience in a group maths competition known as ARML, where he discovered the benefits of collaborative problem-solving. He encouraged students to step out of their comfort zone and explore competitions beyond their familiar subjects. Masaaki found participating in a coding competition for the first time both challenging and enriching.

When discussing preparation for different contests, Grade 9 student Jonathan, and Grade 11 student Isabel both emphasized the importance of understanding the unique formats and requirements of each competition. Isabel added that some contests test existing knowledge, presenting a multitude of questions to be completed within a limited timeframe, while others provide more time for problem-solving and knowledge development.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our Middle and High School students for their insightful and engaging discussion. For more inspiring learning stories at WAB, don't miss out on this episode.