Students Explain Personalized & Practical Math Community

Students Explain Personalized & Practical Math Community

WAB's Grade 5 teachers have joined their homerooms to create a shared system of learning across the grade level which prioritizes self-regulation, real-world application, and personal reflection.

Each Monday, students across the grade level set individual goals and are guided by teachers as they choose to engage in a series of student- or teacher-led workshops, tools, books, and technology to develop their skills and demonstrate their learning.

“We set our own goals, and we set our own schedule where we can organize our own time, and there will be sessions with teachers and with other students," Grade 5 student Anna said on this week's episode of The WAB Podcast.

"For this learning process, we set our own goals, so we can improve on our own math levels, so it’s good for us and it’s also better for the teachers.”

The students go through a four-step process of setting goals, developing understanding, confirming their learning with evidence, and then making applications in the real world. Throughout the journey, they have flexibility and choice in the ways in which they progress. 

Tune in to this week's episode of The WAB Podcast to hear more from Anna, her classmate Max, and Grade 5 teacher Jodie Farrow.

“Being able to self-regulate and self-direct your learning is a skill that will go beyond university," Jodie said. "It’s a life skill.”

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