Student & Staff Partner for Professional Gaming

Student & Staff Partner for Professional Gaming

Grade 12 student Seb made his professional broadcasting debut at the Naraka Bladepoint World Championships in China.

But the person who served as his broadcasting partner might surprise you: WAB Coach and Design Specialist Isaac Peña. 

Naraka is one of China's most popular video games. Peña has a background in the eSports and broadcasting industries, and he called on Seb, a leader in WAB's Tiger Sports & Entertainment Network student-run broadcasting club, to join him for the tournament.

The duo is now working together to expand the presence of eSports and broadcasting at WAB, as well as raise awareness of the value gaming and broadcasting can contribute to students' academics and future professional lives.

Listen to a conversation with Seb and Isaac on The WAB Podcast by using the player above, searching for The WAB Podcast on your preferred podcast platform, or clicking the links.

“I want to be able to use my experiences and let people know how big the market is out there, how important an industry it has become, and how it is part of the 21st century,” Isaac said. “Seb is a great example of what the Western Academy of Beijing’s educational purpose is: not only just to create people that are academically always on the top, but that we are all well-rounded people. We can do sports; we can do arts; we can do academics and, at the end of the day, we can take all those things that we’ve learned here at the Western Academy of Beijing and use them in real society.”