Student Talent on Center Stage in Winter Showcases

Student Talent on Center Stage in Winter Showcases

MS Design Showcase 

In early December, Middle School students displayed their creativity in the MS Design Showcase. Grade 6 students designed their very own banknotes by using Photoshop and incorporating elements from their cultural backgrounds, as well as depictions of celebrities, athletes, cartoon stars, and historical figures.  

Meanwhile, Grade 7 students showcased their skills through handmade packaging boxes for a variety of products, such as electronics and toys. They learned to use Adobe Illustrator and Dimension to design packaging.  

Grade 8 students constructed Bluetooth speakers from scratch. By employing workshop skills, such as woodwork, soldering, and using laser cutters, Grade 8's crafted the speakers in various shapes. Grade 8 Design teacher and Learning Leader Simon Furmston highlighted the showcase allowed students to "celebrate what they had designed for their first project with their friends, parents, and the rest of the WAB community", and "gain valuable feedback and learn from other designs." He also mentioned there will be a second Design showcase on June 12 this year.  

Winter Choir Showcase 

WAB's chorists celebrated their music at the Winter Choir Showcase. High School Music teacher Michelle Yip shared, "The Winter Choir Showcase is a space to bring together the choral and vocal learning from Middle school to High School during the first semester." She highlighted by delivering performances onstage, "students can inspire, connect, and share the beauty of singing with each other." 

Winter Dance Showcase  

WAB's dancers took the stage in the Winter Dance Showcase. Audiences were treated to hip-hop, jazz, and other dance genre performances. High School Dance teacher Christina Markowski shared, “This year's performance signals a return to the stage for many students. We were delighted to have both High School and Middle School students, with a combination of student-led and teacher-supported works, inspiring a richer future for Dance at WAB."

MS Got Talent 

The MS Got Talent Show, organized by the Student Council, brought excitement to the entire Middle School on December 13. The event featured an array of performances that were the result of auditions held earlier. From Chinese Gongfu to acrobatics, and from singing to instrumental playing, the MS performers showcased a diverse range of interests and skills. 

For those who missed any live events, all our recordings can be accessed in WAB's Video Archive here

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