Student Takeover: HS Learners Share Insights on their IB Journey

Student Takeover: HS Learners Share Insights on their IB Journey

In this week's WAB podcast, Angelina and Hannah from High School Student Club Inkblot took over and produced their first episode titled "All about the IB". They opened up about their individual encounters with the IB program, sharing their challenges, turning points, personal growth, and insights gained along the journey.  

During their conversation, Hannah recounts a story from one of her peers who expressed that the IB program showed them the extent of their capabilities and motivated them to push themselves to achieve their potential within a limited timeframe.  

The two students also discussed their subject selection process. Angelina shares her initial struggle with three course clashes at the beginning of the IB program. However, she later discovered a newfound love for subjects she hadn't initially considered. Her IB learning journey, she explains, has been "evolving" and "challenging". 

Hannah explains that her passion for industrial design in university led her to choose Design Technology and Visual Arts. Although her first choice of history wasn't available, she luckily ended up in Geography, which has now become her favorite subject. Hannah describes her IB experience as both "empowering" and "driving".  

Angelina reflects on the significance of making independent decisions when choosing courses, stating "it was the first time that you're making a decision on your own." She recalls that the personal project in Grade 10 paved the way for this type of decision-making, but the IB program granted her even greater space and control.  

 For Hannah, one of the most empowering aspects of the IB program is the opportunity to pursue her interests. Her IB education has made her aware of her passion for social justice. She also mentions people need to pay attention to maintaining mental health. "We are IB students, but at the same time we're also teenagers", said Hannah. She emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between academic commitments and personal well-being.  

Both Angelina and Hannah feel that WAB provides an ideal environment for students to pursue their IB studies. "We're in such an incredible environment where your voice is really heard," said Angelina.  

To hear details about these students' IB experience, don't miss out on this episode presented by the HS student club Inkblot.  

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