Student Takeover: Amplifying Art at WAB

Student Takeover: Amplifying Art at WAB

In this week's WAB podcast, two students from the High School student club Art Amplifiers, Jeremy and Isabelle, have taken over to interview their peers Daniel, Rosalina, and Salina, who recently participated in the APAC Band and International Schools Choral Music Society (ISCMS). During the interview, the guests shared their experiences, favorite moments, and key takeaways from their musical journey.  

Rosalina, who returned from the ISCMS trip, talked about the valuable lessons she learned through her involvement in the choir group and performing a classical Beethoven piece. She emphasized how collaboration within the school choir had helped her integrate and improve her ability to read scores. Rosalina commented, "Cooperation was the key." 

Salina, who also took part in the ISCMS event, joined as a member of the orchestra. She revealed at the beginning when joined the school orchestra, it was her first time playing the cello and she expressed gratitude for the support she received from her teacher. Now, she even had the opportunity to assist her stand partner, a Grade 9 student, with dynamics and other performance details. Salina highlighted that the aspect she enjoyed the most about ISCMS was the freedom that she could "express more of my body language there and feel more of the music".  

Daniel, a Grade 11 student, participated in the APAC Band. He found the experience of being surrounded by other musicians who played the same instrument as him to be very inspiring. He also mentioned that the sectional meetings within the band were particularly beneficial as they helped him understand how to play his instrument within the context of a group performance. 

To learn more about our student's experience in their recent musical voyage, don't miss out on this episode presented by the High School student club Art Amplifiers.  


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