Student Takeover: A Journey into WAB Wild

Student Takeover: A Journey into WAB Wild

In this week's WAB Podcast, Grade 8 students Jade and Liam took over and led the conversation with Stephen Boyko, WAB Wild Outdoor Education Programme Coordinator. They discussed the history of WAB Wild, the features of WAB's Miaoliang outdoor education center, their favorite moments, and key learnings. 

Stephen provided insights into the establishment of WAB Wild and highlighted how the Miaoliang Outdoor Education Center aligns with WAB's sustainability focus, enabling students to experience sustainable living practices. He emphasized that unlike schools that outsource their outdoor education, WAB's outdoor program makes connections to what students are learning in classrooms and builds longer-term relationships.

Jade, a Grade 8 student, shared her experience of participating in WAB Wild and emphasized the value of disconnecting from electronic devices, spending time with friends, and meeting new people. She also mentioned that the knowledge she learned during the program can also be applied back to WAB and make an impact in other ways.


Liam, another Grade 8 student and a three-time participant in WAB Wild, expressed his enjoyment of water-based activities such as kayaking and canoeing. He also highlighted the program's ability to bridge academics and environmental learning, allowing students to enjoy nature while making a positive impact on local communities through service activities.

To learn more details about the WAB Wild program, don't miss out on this student-led episode!  


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