Student-driven, Sustainable Garden Opens at WAB

Student-driven, Sustainable Garden Opens at WAB


It started with an idea: Grade 6 students wanted to utilize the empty space behind their Middle School Building. Now, the ground has been broken on what will become a living legacy on campus of WAB's Class of 2028.

A group of Grade 6 students approached their teachers in mathematics, science, and humanities to collaborate on the creation of an inter-disciplinary unit that would result in the creation of a garden. Over the next several months in learning activities across the three subjects, students pitched layouts and designs for the space, researched and planned construction materials and care routines, and made connections with a local village to equip the school with the knowledge and tools necessary for a sustainable agriculture project.

The students divided into several focus groups -- Community Outreach, Environmental Sustainability, and Garden Design -- to put their garden plans into action. On April 11, WAB hosted a launch celebration featuring traditional Chinese dances and planting sessions for each of the different garden plots. They also thanked the residents of Jinpoluo Village, who helped them learn about sustainable agriculture, and who plan to use WAB as a model for other schools around China to carry out similar projects.

"The garden launch was amazing," Zachary Maxwell, who was the lead teacher on the project, said "This was the beginning of something much bigger, something that will become part of how we learn in Middle School and at WAB for many years to come. I'm excited to see where this takes us."

Check out the video above to hear more about the project from the students and teachers involved.

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