Student Diplomats Win Model UN Awards

WAB’s Model United Nations (MUN) team brought home top awards from the 2021 World MUN Competition.

After three days of intensive conference work, WAB won the best team award, the best coach award, and four individual excellence awards. With more than 1,600 students taking part, this is the highest level of MUN organized by the Chinese government. WAB’s team of six Middle School and three High School students competed in both English and Chinese sessions.

As described by the event organizers, “In Model United Nations, each student becomes a delegate of a selected nation. They write,  present  and  debate  issues  affecting  their  nation  and  peoples  of  the  world.  By  assuming  the  character  of  a  citizen  of  their  selected  country  they  fully  develop  an  understanding of the needs of a people and the importance of accepting differences.”

WAB students Vicky L. and Alicia C. were two of the students who won individual excellence awards. Vicky served as a delegate of the DPRK, charged with researching clean energy solutions, while Alisa covered counter-terrorism and regional security representing the United Kingdom. Both students interviewed experts and built connections with sources to inform their work.

“During my participation in the conference, I not only saw different ideas, I learned how to prepare documents according to the topic and the content of the conference,” Alice said. “But more importantly, I learned how to manage time and think differently about things.”

Congratulations to the Model United Nations team and coaches! We’ll continue to follow their efforts as they prepare for their next competition in the coming spring season.