Student Club Celebrates its 10th Annual Pride Week

Spectrum hosted its annual Pride Week, marking the 10th anniversary of the event at WAB. There were several band performances, a trivia challenge, and a banner signing.  

Grade 12 student Alanna I. is one of the club’s co-leaders. After organizing a color run activity for the High School last year,  this year  the club discussed the need for gender neutral bathrooms in High School and the inclusion of gender pronouns in digital signatures to avoid misidentification.  

“As the world progresses, more and more people are becoming open minded, and I think that spreading information about gender identity and sexual orientation is important,” Alanna said. “What motivates me to keep being active in this group is knowing that I am teaching others about a community I hold dear to my heart.” 

Spectrum is also collaborating with the Prism group in the Middle School, as well as clubs from our neighboring international schools. The group is planning more ways to promote inclusion this year and sustain the club’s growth in the future. 

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