Six Schools Unite for APAC Choir Festival at WAB

Six Schools Unite for APAC Choir Festival at WAB

WAB is proud to have hosted the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) Choir Festival from November 16-18. This festival brought together individual choirs and the combined mass choir of six APAC schools in China: American International School of Guangzhou (AISG), International School of Beijing (ISB), Concordia International School, Shanghai (CCIS), Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus (SASPD), Shanghai American School Puxi Campus (SASPX), and Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). 

"The festival creates a space for students who are passionate about singing and music to bond with each other from other schools," said Michelle Yip, WAB’s APAC Choir Director. 

The concluding performance of the APAC Choir Festival took place in the Blu Theatre and was attended by many parents and members of the WAB community. 

Each individual choir performed 2 pieces each. After the individual performances, the six schools joined forces to sing 6 pieces together under the guidance of the APAC Guest Choir Conductor, Dr. Jill Burgett, a chorus singing professor from the University of Northern Colorado. The mass choir explored themes of human-earth relationships, Chinese folk tunes, gongs and drums, Indian string sounds, and power and inspiration. The APAC chorists concluded the festival by performing their theme song, "Ad Astra" (To the Stars). 

Dr. Jill explained the choice of this theme, stating, "We're moving towards the stars through diversity, through challenges, and it's the challenges that we face as we're moving through life that move us forward up to where our goals are, up to those starts." 

Once again, APAC Choir Festival celebrated diversity and friendship through music, while letting the musical talent of those young chorists shine on the stage.

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