Season 1 Sports and Activities Recap: A Display of Passion and Teamwork 

Season 1 Sports and Activities Recap: A Display of Passion and Teamwork 

As the MS/HS Season 1 competition and other activities came to an end, WAB students achieved exciting results while showcasing their passion, dedication, and teamwork.   


Six schools gathered at WAB in Beijing for the APAC Volleyball Tournament, where the WAB Tigers delivered outstanding performances. Both Varsity Boys and Girls emerged as champions in the thrilling finale, along with Junior Varsity (JV) Boys securing their championship title. JV Girls showed their skill and claimed 3rd place. 


During the Touch Rugby Tournament held at the International School of Beijing (ISB), WAB teams played with skill and determination. The boys' team secured an impressive 2nd place, while the Mixed Teams were Bronze medal and plate winners. 


In the APAC Tennis Tournament at the American International School of Guangzhou (AISG), WAB's girls' tennis team secured an excellent 3rd place overall, while the boys' team achieved a commendable 4th place. Notably, WAB had several winners in the bracket competition. Lorraine emerged as the first-place winner in girls' singles, while Judy and Ali claimed the 2nd place in girls' doubles. Benji and Alanis earned a 3rd place in mixed doubles.  


During the swim meet hosted by the International School of Bangkok in Bangkok, WAB's TigerSharks swimmers delivered strong performances in the first international tour event offered to them in nearly four years, contributing to the APAC conference team securing the top spot.

This achievement can be attributed to strong pre and early-season training efforts and the excitement of our team returning to top-line competition and international travel. The swim meet was jointly organized by three organizations: the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC), the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS), and the South East Asia Student Activities Conference (SEASAC).    


WAB is proud to have hosted the Asia Pacific Activities Conference (APAC) Choir Festival from November 16-18. This festival brought together individual choirs and the combined mass choir of six APAC schools in China: American International School of Guangzhou (AISG), International School of Beijing (ISB), Concordia International School Shanghai (CCIS), Shanghai American School, Pudong Campus (SASPD), Shanghai American School Puxi Campus (SASPX), and Western Academy of Beijing (WAB). The concluding performance of the APAC Choir Festival took place in the Blu Theatre and once again, the APAC Choir Festival celebrated diversity and friendship through music, while letting the musical talent of those young chorists shine on the stage. 

"The host school for the APAC Choir festival invites a renowned Choral practitioner to come and direct the massed choirs. This year WAB invited Jill Burgett, Director of Choral Activities/Professor of Choral Music at the University of Northern Colorado. It was a pleasure to be around "Dr B" and see her work and interact with the students. We all learned from her and each other," said Mark Armstrong, High School Music Learning Leader.


For the three-day APAC Dance Festival, WAB's dance team was divided into different groups with dancers from other schools. The team had opportunities to cultivate creativity and teamwork within their Fusion groups. Throughout the three days, each group not only created a distinct dance piece but also developed strong friendships with one another. The culmination of the festival was the performance of WAB's unique APAC dance piece, "Yuan" (原). This performance was inspired by various elements of nature, including sand, wind, water, and fire. For a month, the dancers worked together in a collaborative effort to make each natural element palpable in the artistry of movements, aiming to convey the interconnectedness and harmony present in nature.


Our APAC Strings went to the APAC Music Festival in Shanghai, hosted by Concordia International School Shanghai (CCIS), along with four other APAC schools in China. With our conductor Arjan Tien, professor of the prestigious Conservatory van Amsterdam and Conservatorium Maastricht, students were able to immerse themselves in orchestral music and ensemble playing through the entire trip. Mr. Tien also demonstrated to our team members what devotion and true musicianship mean by devotion and dedicated rehearsals.

Model United Nations   

The Model United Nations (MUN) club at WAB has conducted two mock assemblies focused on West Africa recently, for which they have prepared for three to four weeks.

Participants from WAB's MUN club expressed that representing countries like Niger and Mali was an eye-opening experience, as they have to understand the historical background of the countries and write resolutions based on the specific situations these countries have, instead of subjective views. On November 18, WAB won two World Youth Leadership Awards and the Best Team Award. We wish our students the best of luck in preparing and participating in the next MUN conference next year.  

Caleb Liu, Athletics & Activities Director Assistant at WAB summarized, "It has been a long patient journey for our season 1 athletes, who have not seen or prepared for their top competitions for so long, and it was a gratifying feeling to be able to offer this type of experience to our students again. " 

Congratulations to all our students for their outstanding performances and for representing WAB with excellence everywhere they go! 

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