Scholars Return from Summer with Prestigious Academic Trophies

Scholars Return from Summer with Prestigious Academic Trophies

Summer vacation may mean a break from school, but that doesn’t mean it’s a break from learning.

WAB had a delegation of 29 students, split up into several teams of three, competing at the World Scholar’s Cup Global Round against 1,400 of their peers from across China.

Congratulations to the WAB teams, all of whom qualified for a spot at the Tournament of Champions hosted at Yale University. The teams collectively brought home 6 team trophies, 14 team golds, and 6 silvers.

One WAB team, featuring Jeremy A., Roger Z., and Ethan D., finished in the top 50 of all the teams, taking home 9th place in Team Debate and 42nd in Team Writing, among many other accolades. Jeremy has been taking part in World Scholar’s Cup and similar competitions for several years. In this year’s WSC Global Round, he ranked 1st in Individual Debate and 5th Overall Scholar in the Junior Division. He said he loves taking part in WSC as an extracurricular activity, because it complements and extends his academic learning.

“A lot of the content that we study in preparation for the competition comes up later in school subjects, especially in Individuals and Societies and Science,” Jeremy said. “From learning about geoengineering and carbon sequestration, to a coup in Uganda in 1971 and the ‘Diderot Effect’; the World Scholar’s Cup vastly expands students’ knowledge and goes beyond what is found in school curriculum.”

Looking ahead, WAB students are anxiously awaiting announcements about the Tournament of Champions and is looking forward to competing. In the meantime, they’ll continue meeting on campus, practicing, and working together to improve their skills. For more information about WSC, visit the organization’s website.